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Mocha Brownie Fudge


Choosing between the rich, and intense notes of coffee and the fudgy, sweet taste of brownies is a tough decision, we understand. So, why not have the best of both worlds? Combining these two special flavours, we crafted our Mocha Brownie Fudge ice cream that is designed to fit perfectly into your high-protein diet. This ice cream features layers of tender, soft chocolate brownies intertwined with luscious coats of rich mocha coffee goodness. Bursting with flavour, it boasts twice the protein content of regular ice creams and contains zero sugar.
Only 79 calories per 100ml!

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5 reviews for Mocha Brownie Fudge

  1. Keya Chaudhry

    My sister and I are usually the ones ‘following diet’ at home. So most of the times, we are out of the ice cream time. But ever since we discovered this sugar-free ice cream, we’ve been getting everyone join our gang of ‘good food eaters’ at home. And it has less than 100 calories

  2. Trishaan Thakur

    My friend sent this ice cream to cheer me up on, you know, one of those tough days. And let me tell you it did the job very well. Plus, the fact that it’s healthy and protein-rich makes me happy that I now have a long-term sob-time companion (I hope not!) hahha

  3. Ek Coffee Lover

    If coffee is your flavour, then this one is perfect for you. Also, got to know it’s no sugar annnd they gave 50% discount. What more can I ask for!!!!

  4. Seemant Verma

    I loved how the yummy layers of brownie match with coffee. It’s a heavenly combo guys. I’m like melting with joy.

  5. Ritu Ritu

    waise I don’t indulge in ice creams that much but this one’s been my fav since I tried it. Go for it.

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Nutrition Details

1 Serving Size: 100ml Per Serving % RDA
Energy (kcal) 79 4.0
Total Fat (g) 3.0 4.5
Saturated Fat (g) 2.0 8.9
Trans Fat (g) 0.1 2.6
Cholesterol (mg) 7.2 0.0
Carbohydrate (g) 16.5 0.0
Total Sugar* (g) 3.2 0.0
Added Sugar* (g) 0.0 0.0
Polyol (g) 8.9 0.0
Dietry Fibre (g) 3.7 0.0
Protein (g) 3.7 0.0
SODIUM 33.0 1.7
* Contains naturally occurring sugar

Ingredients Details

Milk & Milk Solids (Cream, Whey Protein), Maltitol, Fruitcto oligosaccharide, Brownie Sugar Free (5%) (Wheat Flour, Corn Starch, Milk Solids, Cocoa Solids, Salt, Stabilizer 415), Cocoa Solids, Erythritol, Coffee (1.5%), Poly dextrose, Permitted Emulsifier (471,433) and Stabilizer (412, 407,461), Stevia, Salt
Allergen declaration: Contains Milk, Wheat. May contain traces of Soya and Nuts.


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