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Alphonso & peach


Did you hear someone mention Alphonso mangoes? Because that sounded absolutely “peach perfect” to us. With real Alphonso mangoes (yes, you can relish that delightful taste all year round) and juicy, sweet peaches, this offers a level of fruity bliss unlike any other. Indulge in this vegan delight with a refreshing twist. With zero added sugar and sweetened with natural sugar alternatives, this guilt-free indulgence is perfect for health-conscious ice cream lovers.
Only 98 calories per 100ml!

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5 reviews for Alphonso & peach

  1. Riddhi Parikh

    Vegan desserts are really hard to come by and the ones I have tasted so far, well, the lesser said the better! I chanced upon the vegan Alphonso-n-Peach frozen dessert and now my perceptions are changed! Don’t believe me? Try it yourself.

  2. Kiara M

    For a moment I was confused about whether I was having amazing hapus or peach. But who cares?! The combination is out of the world and deserves 200 on 100! What’s more its healthy and tasty too. But note that this contains sugar unlike their other sugar free options.

  3. Mandar Sardesai

    I am lactose intolerant, so I cannot have ice creams. My vegan friend suggested I try this zero dairy Alphonso-n-Peach flavour, and now I am a fan of this fantastic Frozen Dessert. They are using almond butter & coconut milk as replacement for dairy but the taste is amazing.

  4. Ek Shayar

    Hapus aur Aadu ki ye jugalbandi! Kya kehne! Vegan ho, ya health conscious, isse toh pyaar ho jana hai.

  5. Reena Patil

    I love fruits and their interesting combinations. I am not a vegan, but I found this combination very unique- Alphonso and peach… that made my taste buds sing! That it has zero cholesterol & transfat is a bonus!

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Nutrition Details

1 Serving Size: 100ml Per Serving % RDA
Energy (kcal) 76 4
Total Fat (g) 4.2 6.2
Saturated Fat (g) 2.7 12.4
Trans Fat (g) 0.1 2.75
Cholesterol (mg) 8.4 NA
Carbohydrate (g) 12.7 NA
Total Sugar* (g) 3.2 NA
Added Sugar (g) 0.0 NA
Polyol (g) 5.9 NA
Dietary Fibre (g) 3.6 NA
Protein (g) 1.9 NA
Sodium (mg) 59.4 3.0

Ingredients Details

Water, Maltitol, Mango pulp (15%), Almond butter, Fructooligo saccharide, Peach fruit (8%), Coconut milk, Peach Ripple (6%)(Water, Maltitol, Fructooligo saccharide, Lemon juice, Permitted Stabilizers (412,407,440) , Edible, Sunflower Oil, Vegetable Protein, Permitted Emulsifier (INS 471, INS 477) , and Stabilizer (INS 412, INS 410), Salt, Stevia.
Allergen declaration; contains nuts (almonds), Soya. PRODUCED IN PLANT WHERE MILK, WHEAT BASED PRODUCTS ARE ALSO PRODUCED


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